Intellectual Outputs

Project Number: 2023-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000155287
autismusic kid hero - intellectual outputs

The partners produced the following results:

AutisMUSIC cutting-edge report and mapping of needs.


A guide that provides a systematic approach to addressing the educational needs of autistic students in mainstream classroom environments. It conducts an in-depth study of the current environment, identifying challenges and requirements that teachers must address. The handbook outlines key elements, methods, and techniques necessary for effectively supporting autistic students in regular classroom settings.

AutisMUSIC Toolkit


A cutting-edge toolkit that includes an AutisMUSIC Curriculum and Handbook for teachers’ trainers, AutisMUSIC Guidebook of music interventions and AutisMUSIC instructional videos for teachers

AutisMUSIC blended training and pilots


The AutisMUSIC project introduces a blended training approach, integrating both online and in-person instruction, along with pilot programs to test its effectiveness. This innovative method combines digital learning modules with hands-on training sessions, aiming to equip educators with the tools and skills necessary to implement music interventions for children with autism in mainstream educational settings.